Skyward Solar Power


A few years ago, builders could distinguish themselves from the competition simply by offering energy efficient homes and buildings. Today, these features are standard. The industry is ripe for new, greener techniques.

The Opportunity
During an economic downturn, buyers are even more interested in homes and structures that will save money. With rising energy costs and fears of a looming energy crisis, they are eager for greater independence from utility companies.

Why It's Worthwhile
In North Carolina, media reports on nuclear power plant problems, coal-fired plant pollution, and high ozone days give us all a sense of powerlessness and frustration. But thoughtful, green construction allows buyers—and builders—to take control of difficult environmental problems and make a valuable contribution.

Fortunately, federal, state, and local incentives make solar energy systems and other green building solutions more cost-effective than ever—for both the builder and the buyer.