Skyward Solar Power

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Example Questions
Q: How much electricity will a solar electric system generate?

A: The amount of electricity a solar PV system will generate is determined by 3 primary factors: 1. How big a system is installed. For instance a 3KW system will produce an estimated 3,669 KW hours per year. A 20KW system will produce an 22,800KW hours per year. 2. Weather patterns. Although PV systems produce electricity on cloudy days the amount is reduced compared to sunny days. 3. Site location. A well located site with good southern exposure from 9:00am to 3:00pm will have the highest energy generation potential.

Q: Do all solar PV systems have to be placed on roofs?

A: No. An entire system can be mounted on a single pole sited in a sunny spot on the property. Or the system can be ground mounted. A pole mounted PV system is an excellent option if a roof has too much shade or is not big enough for the size system the customer desires.